Alzheimer’s disease causes changes in the brain that may affect safety. Depending on the stage of the disease, this can include changes in judgment, abstract thinking, sense of time/place and behavior. Taking measures to ensure safety at all times can help prevent injuries, and it can help people with dementia feel relaxed and less overwhelmed.

Home Modification

Accessible Design and Consulting
420 Hindry Ave., #B
Inglewood, CA 90301
(310) 215-3332

Active Homes
Aging in Place Home Modification
(855) 924-7663

Forever Active
(888) 705-7441

Los Angeles Housing Department
HomeSecure Program

Handy Worker Program; call for a referral
(213) 808-8803 English
(213)808-8808 Toll-free/Spanish

Stayhome Safe, Inc
(626) 792-0070

Other Safety Devices

The Alzheimer’s Store
Products designed for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias and their caregivers
(800) 752-3238

Connect America
A personal response service that provides 24-hour assistance via a push button device worn by the individual registered in the program
(800) 815-5809

Technological Options for Wandering Concerns

A Word of Caution: Cell phones & wearable technology can be taken off or lost and are not a 100% effective precaution against wandering.

Personal GPS Locators

Take Along Tracker




GPS Watches & Wristbands


Senior GPS Bracelet

iLoc Technologies

Tracking System Direct

GPS Smart Sole
A GPS-enabled insole that can be inserted into almost any shoe

Phone Apps

Many smart phones have real time GPS tracking abilities. Check with your cell phone provider

L.A. Found:
Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver offers trackable bracelets for at-risk individuals in Los Angeles County

Be Prepared In Case Your Loved One Goes Missing

  • Have current photo and basic personal information like height, weight, and identification markers.

  • Know favorite places, commonly taken routes, etc.

  • Let folks in the neighborhood know that if they see the person with dementia alone, to call you.

  • Remember that tracking devices and wearables can be taken off.

  • Keep a recently worn article of clothing in a sealed plastic bag. Touch it as little as possible and repace at least once a month. This will help with the canine search.

  • Create a phone tree that can be activated in case the person goes missing.

Wandering Brochure
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