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Social Media Ambassador

Alzheimer’s LA invites you to become a social media Ambassador to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and connect others to our free support & services.

Alzheimer's Los Angeles


As a social media Ambassador, you will help us spread the word by sharing and engaging with Alzheimer’s LA’s messages on social media.

Ambassadors will get a monthly email with a simple & specific social media action item. Raising awareness is that simple!



Alzheimer’s LA has active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn accounts. You don’t have to be active on all platforms. Use the site(s) you're most comfortable with.

We respect your privacy. You can still participate, only people you allow, will see your activity. Your support & tags still count!

Absolutely. You can like, comment, share as much as you want. You can create your own content too-don’t forget to tag us! We support all efforts! If you have bigger ideas or suggestions, you can always reach out to our Social Media Manager directly at

No problem. Do whatever works best for you and your schedule. And if you decide you longer want to participate you can simply unsubscribe from the list. Though, know you will be missed.

Spotlight video: Angela Landis, Director, Video Content/Social Media


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For more information about Alzheimer's LA social media, contact: Angela Landis, Program Content & Social Media Manager: