Housing Resources

One out of seven people with Alzheimer’s disease live alone. The disease may affect housing choices and relationships with landlords. The following agencies assist individuals in locating low-income housing and dealing with tenants’ rights.

Affordable Living for the Aging
Housing Alternatives for Seniors
Provides co-operative housing and free roommate matching service
(323) 650-7988
Services offered in Spanish

City of Los Angeles Housing Dept.
Rent Stabilization Division
Rent stabilization ordinance
(866) 557-7368

Menorah Housing Foundation
Offers affordable senior housing for those who qualify
(310) 475-6083

US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Office of Public Housing
Provides information on rental assistance and subsidy programs
(800) 955-2232


Community Development Commission, County of Los Angeles
(800) 477-5977
(800) 731-4663
(626) 262-4510 (housing assistance)

Housing Rights Center
(202) 708-1112

HUD Senior Resources
California: hud.gov/states/california/homeownership/seniors
General information: hud.gov/topics/information_for_senior_citizens

Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center
(877) 428-8844

We make every effort to include as many relevant resources as possible; however, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles does not endorse the agencies listed in this directory nor was any payment received for their inclusion.