National Safety Month 2021

Published On: June 14th, 2021Categories: News & Events
colorful safety hard-hats stacked together

June is National Safety Month

People with Alzheimer’s or dementia may have trouble recognizing when something is dangerous or making safe decisions. You can help reduce accidents by helping the person feel more relaxed and less confused at home. In recognition of National Safety Month, below are tips on how to keep your home safe for someone living with dementia.

Around the House

  • Install rails on the bed
  • Have good lighting/light switches near doors
  • Put an alarm, a bell, or motion detector alarms on all entrances
  • Hide shoes, keys, purse, coats, hats, or anything that would trigger your loved one to want to leave the house
  • Put away any knives or other dangerous objects (like guns, scissors, razors)

In the Bathroom

  • Install bathroom rails
  • Insert an anti-slip mat inside the tub or shower
  • Have non-slip rugs or place double sided tape under rugs so they don’t move
  • Consider a commode to use over the toilet

In the Kitchen

  • Install safety knobs on the stove
  • Unplug and remove appliances if they are no longer safe to have on the counter
  • Cover electrical outlets with childproof plugs
  • Remove artificial fruits and vegetables or anything that can be mistaken as food
  • Consider disconnecting your garbage disposal
  • Set your water temperature to low or 120 degrees


  • Don’t shine or wax floors
  • Don’t let your loved one wear clothes that are too baggy or too long
  • Make sure they are wearing good sturdy shoes
  • Have the person exercise regularly to strengthen legs
  • Remove floor clutter such as shoes, boxes, cords

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