Dwayne Adway

What does Alzheimer’s mean to me? Well that is a question that has touched me dearly. After my mom suffered her third stroke, it ignited the onset of dementia. I had heard of dementia/Alzheimer’s because my grandmother also was diagnosed and suffered until her homegoing. It was with mom whom I’ve been caretaking for since 2014 that sparked my research and education about the disease. I began to also be resourceful when a friend told me about Alzheimer’s LA and how they advocate for people caring for their loved ones with the disease. I have been acting in film/television for over 20 years; And have taken it upon myself to personally use my platform to bring awareness to dementia/Alzheimer’s. My passion is to develop a tv series about the realities of being a caretaker (male). I now see myself as an advocate for the older generation’s human rights, fighting the good fight. This battle has brought me closer to my dear mother, furthermore teaching me patience and selflessness. I am learning and growing each day seeing my mother’s resilience. Of course you only get one mom… right?! So why not make sure she lives the rest of her days living her best life!