Michael, Eva & Sherman, and Carlotte

Champions of Caregiving

Champions of Caregiving is a video series that looks at love, honor, and dementia through the eyes of Chinese & Chinese American Caregivers.



Eva & Sherman Kwan

While caring for her husband’s mother, Eva's own health began to decline. She learned strategies to manage the challenges of caregiving and enlisted family to help.


Michael Wong

Michael’s mother’s health began to decline during quarantine, and he faced many challenges as her primary caregiver. He learned valuable caregiving skills and renewed his strength in his mother’s lesson; adversity is a blessing to your personal growth.

Michael 母親的健康狀況在新冠疫情期間開始逐漸下降。作為她的主要照顧者,他面臨著許多不同的挑戰。但他也在照顧過程中學會了不同照顧技巧,也更加認識母親先前傳授的寶貴人生經驗以及體驗到逆境是個人成長的絕佳機會。

Charlotte Xia

Charlotte put her career on hold to move back to Shanghai to help her parents take care of her grandfather. Her experience in gerontology school provided her and her family valuable tools and helped her to destigmatize the disease.

Charlotte 改變了她事業的規劃,並回到上海幫助父母照顧有失智情況的祖父。她在老齡學學院學習到的知識及實習的經驗為她和她的家人提供了照顧上的幫助,並有助於降低此疾病的汙名化。