Alzheimer’s Los Angeles’  Jennifer Schlesinger (far right) speaking at a panel discussion at the Building a Dementia Friendly Community conference in Taiwan.

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles: Locally Focused, Nationally and Internationally Recognized

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles focuses its programs and services locally, ensuring that families in our community receive care and support. However, did you know that Alzheimer’s Los Angeles is transforming healthcare systems to improve dementia care? Our work with healthcare systems is so impactful that it has gained both national and international recognition.

In May 2019, Jennifer Schlesinger, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles director of professional training and healthcare services, was invited to speak at the 2019 Dementia Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.  The theme of the conference was Building a Dementia Friendly Community. This two-day conference, hosted by Eden Social Welfare Foundation, a social service agency, and the Taiwan Alzheimer’s Disease Association, attracted approximately 200 Taiwanese professionals.

Jennifer spoke about Dementia-Capable Systems of Care and how to effectively work with healthcare systems to make them more responsive to the needs of families affected by dementia. Jennifer described the current state of dementia care in the United States, the rationale for dementia-capable care, the components of a dementia-capable system of care, how to put promising practices into practice, and available Alzheimer’s LA resources such as Caregiver Tip Sheets in multiple languages. She was also asked to speak on a panel of international dementia experts about challenges and lessons learned when helping communities become more dementia friendly. She specifically discussed Alzheimer’s LA’s Dementia Cal MediConnect Project, an award-winning project working with health plans in California to improve dementia care for low-income older adults.

Alzheimer’s LA continues to collaborate with healthcare systems, leaving a local footprint, but generating interest worldwide.

Return Trip: Visitors from Taiwan & India

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles welcomed visitors from Taiwan and India to exchange ideas about improving dementia inclusivity and to learn about programs and services for families affected by the disease.  Alzheimer’s LA is locally focused, but nationally and internationally recognized as a leader.

photo of visitors from Taiwan and India
From L to R: Kelly Takasu, Anne Oh, Debra Cherry, Cathy Ladd, Kimiko Kelly, Meera Pattabiraman (Chair, Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India), Jennifer Schlesinger, LiYu Tang (Secretary General, Taiwan Alzheimer’s Disease Association)