Project Description

Facing Alzheimer's Together - Leticia

Leticia LaBelle

Alzheimer’s wasn’t anything I had ever really been aware of until about 5 years ago, when the mother of a very dear friend was diagnosed with the disease.  I watched the whole family go through denial to acceptance… and everything in

between.  When I was given the opportunity to tell the story of a family facing similar challenges in the telenovela, “Lost Memories,” I knew that I had to honor my friend and her mother and do my best to bring awareness to this disease.

Unfortunately, my friend’s mother recently lost her battle with Alzheimer’s.  She was surrounded by her entire family, which is always a blessing to be surrounded by the people you love in your last moments on earth.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of the staff from Alzheimer’s LA from working on “Lost Memories,” as well as attending a few of their awareness events.  I even had the honor of previewing the telenovela to a group of families dealing with this disease.

I am a dreamer with a passion for storytelling and giving back in any capacity that I’m able.