Holiday Tips for Caregivers 2022

Published On: November 3rd, 2022Categories: Programs & Services
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Here come the holidays!

As a caregiver, you might be experiencing mixed emotions. Happy memories of the past can be accompanied by worries about the extra demands that holidays bring to your time and energy.

The holidays can still be meaningful and enriching times for the whole family. For your family member living with Alzheimer’s, modifying cherished family traditions can be reassuring and enjoyable. By adapting family traditions, you will help all family members feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Here are some ways to take care of yourself during the holidays:

Tip #1

Reduce Stress: Be Realistic About your Abilities and Responsibilities

  • Identify, set, and communicate your boundaries with others.
  • Ask for help with chores and tasks when needed.
  • Schedule breaks– visit with other family members while allowing your person living with dementia to do the same.
  • Give yourself permission to take some time off from caregiving.
  • It’s okay to say “no” — you don’t need to attend every social invitation.

Tip #2

Preparing your Family Member with Dementia for Holiday Activities

  • Talk about and show photos of family members who will be visiting and familiarize them with anyone new who might be providing care during this time.
  • Play familiar seasonal music and serve favorite holiday foods.
  • Schedule down time.

Tip #3

Prepare Other Family Members

  • Help manage expectations by educating visitors about the impact of dementia.
  • Provide tips and suggestions to help improve communication.
  • Stress that the meaningfulness of the moments spent together matters more than what the person remembers or says.

Tip #4

Adapt Traditions

  • Have gatherings in a familiar location and at time that is best for your person living with dementia.
  • Limit the number of people present and meet smaller groups at different times.
  • Stick to a schedule for gatherings.
  • Plan for activities that everyone will enjoy and can participate in.

Tip #5

Holidays at Home

  • Keep an area that is quiet, calming, and contains your person’s favorite snack and drinks.
  • Avoid confusing items like artificial food, edible decorations, etc.
  • Keep decorations simple — avoid flashing lights and decorations that make a lot of noise.
  • Run through a safety checklist — remove throw rugs, clutter, and cords on the floor.
  • If you need help planning for the holidays, our care counselors can help! Please call (844) 435-7259 for more assistance.

If you need help planning for the holidays, our care counselors can help! Please call (844) 435-7259 for more assistance.

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