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Dirk C. Williams

I’ve been a Speaker’s Bureau volunteer and support group facilitator for Alzheimer’s Los Angeles for many years. As a home care agency owner, I need to ensure that all our caregivers and staff have a basic understanding of dementia. When I was introduced to the Dementia Friends program, it immediately struck me that it covered many of the key elements of understanding this disease: the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s, recognizing warning signs, breaking down tasks into steps, and techniques for more effective communication. The program also fits our philosophy of care: build on the skills our clients still have. I now incorporate the Dementia Friends session into all my staff orientations and have received great feedback that people like it and enjoy becoming a Dementia Friend. Since August, 32 employees have attended a session, and we plan to have all our staff become Dementia Friends.

Dick C. Williams
President, CSA
Homewatch CareGivers West LA & South Bay

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