Brain Awareness Week
March 11-17

Your brain is like any other organ in your body, but it just might be the most important one. And to celebrate this incredible machine that generates your thoughts, emotions and actions, we are acknowledging its awesome power with its own week! Brain Awareness Week is March 11-17 and we’d like you to consider the following tips to keep it healthy and help reduce your risk of some dementias:

brain health: sleep

Get plenty of sleep. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep affects tissues and systems in the body, so the brain is affected by sleep.

Exercise your body to keep your brain in shape. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps to stimulate learning, mood, and thinking. It is proven to have the strongest correlation to helping reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s.

Control your numbers: keep your blood pressure, weight and sugar levels within healthy ranges. Be sure to speak regularly with your doctor.

brain health: healthy diet

Eat a healthy, low fat diet. Try the Mediterranean Diet and see how good you feel!

brain health: socializing

Spend time with other people. Recently, there has been accumulating evidence that socializing is good for your brain’s health. Those who connect with others generally perform better on tests of memory and other cognitive skills. Increase your social life.

Exercise your brain. It’s like any other muscle. Try something new and challenging that makes it work hard.

For more information on your brain and how to keep it healthy as you age, attend our “Keeping Your Brain Healthy” class:

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