Care Counselor Spotlight: Juan

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Juan Saavedra, Care Counselor

Ever wonder how Alzheimer’s Los Angeles can be so dedicated to the people we serve? Look no further than our incredible team of Care Counselors. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to help people living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, their […]

Brain Awareness Week

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Brain Awareness Week
March 11-17

Your brain is like any other organ in your body, but it just might be the most important one. And to celebrate this incredible machine that generates your thoughts, emotions and actions, we are acknowledging its awesome power with its […]

Ask Miriam – March 2019

By |March 5th, 2019|Categories: Ask Miriam|

Dear Miriam,

My kids have been suggesting I give my mom CBD for her anxiety and trouble sleeping. We haven’t had a lot of success with other medications her doctors have prescribed, and now that marijuana is legal in California, I’m more open to considering […]

AB-453: Dementia Training Legislation

By |March 4th, 2019|Categories: News & Events|

Assemblymember Ed Chau

Advocacy Update

In February, Assemblymember Ed Chau (District 49) introduced AB 453, which will require an additional two hours of dementia specific training for Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics. Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, Alzheimer’s Orange County, and Alzheimer’s San Diego […]

Speakers Bureau Volunteer Trainings

By |February 15th, 2019|Categories: Programs & Services|

Become a trained volunteer for Alzheimer’s Los Angeles:

Learn how to provide presentations about Alzheimer’s disease, brain health and caregiving. Help raise awareness about dementia and connect community members to valuable services.

Attendees must complete an application prior to the […]

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