Join Braden Bishop and the MLB!

Braden Bishop of the Seattle Mariners created 4mom in honor of his mother, Suzy, a former UCLA track athlete, NBC vice president of production and head of the Vancouver Film School, who was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s in 2014 at the age of 54.

Before every game, Braden writes “4mom” on his forearm as a tribute to his mother and to spread Alzheimer’s awareness. We have been honored to work with Braden and be the recipient of his fundraising for this worthy cause

Braden Bishop and mom

Braden Bishop with his mom Suzy

Spring Training Hits2EndALZ

During spring training Braden (and many others) will personally donate money to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles for every hit in either major or minor league games:


$1000per single hit


$2000per double hit


$3000per triple hit

Home Run

$4000per home run

Join Braden and the MLB this spring in supporting Alzheimer’s Los Angeles’ services.

Thank you for your support!