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Connie’s Story

Her beloved husband, Bud, was slipping away. The fun-loving, brilliant man now diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was becoming helpless. Their three adult children were at odds with each other and Connie on how to care for him. The communication breakdown on top of the stress of providing care was overwhelming.

Connie needed help. A call to our Helpline led to a session with one of our Care Counselors. Meeting separately with each family member, then bringing them together … the Alzheimer’s Los Angeles staff helped navigate complex family dynamics, intense emotions, and reestablish family unity. The experience led to improved communication between siblings, more support for Connie, and ultimately greater strength and confidence to cope with the emotional and economic challenges of their Alzheimer’s journey.

We were there to help. “I’m glad I made that first phone call,” Connie says. “Everyone caring for a loved one with dementia will need the advice and guidance we found through Alzheimer’s LA family support. I want to make sure that Alzheimer’s Los Angeles is always here for families when they need help.”

The Challenge
In 2017, Connie pledged an astounding matching gift up to $250,000 for our Family Services Counseling Program. Because of Connie and Bud’s story and her generous pledge of $250,000, Alzheimer’s LA’s donors were inspired by and exceeded the her challenge match. We are well on our way to raising the $1 million needed to expand this essential program.

Breaking Boundaries
For her philanthropy efforts, Connie was presented with the Breaking Boundaries Award at the 2nd annual Visionary Women’s Awards Luncheon.

Connie describes herself as a very simple person. It is not false modesty. Connie has proven through the contribution of her time, her resources, and her compassion that she cares deeply about other families who, like the her family, will face the heartbreaking challenges that living with Alzheimer’s disease presents.

Every dollar stays right here in the Greater LA region, helping our families, friends, and neighbors when they need us most.