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Caring for Someone with Memory Loss?

The Savvy Caregiver® and Savvy Caregiver® Express are programs specially designed to benefit people caring for a family member or friend living with dementia by providing more understanding and tools to help navigate the journey.

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The Savvy Caregiver®

FREE sessions will help you:

  • Obtain a better understanding of Alzheimer’s & dementia
  • Recognize & develop self-care strategies
  • Identify resources that can help with managing care
  • Learn how to address challenging behaviors & keep a manageable routine
  • Learn from the comfort of your home.
For more information: Sara Mikael at 323.451.2699 or smikael@alzla.org

Upcoming Savvy Caregiver® Classes

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Savvy Caregiver® Express has been adapted by Alzheimer’s Los Angeles from the original Savvy Caregiver® program with permission from the University of Minnesota.

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